8.00 a.m.- 10.00 p.m.
8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

  1. All present members of Makerere University Business School are entitled to use the library as readers and borrowers. Former students and staff of the Business School may apply for reading and borrowing privileges as External Users.
  2. No person may borrow a book from the library until they are registered with the Library and signed a registration/Membership card.
  3. All library materials can be borrowed from the library apart from Special collections, periodicals and pamphlets, dissertations, project reports.
  4. A borrower remains responsible for the books for as long as the borrowing form remains UN -cancelled. AND Books borrowed by one reader should not be passed on to another reader, but must be returned to the library and re-issued at the issue desk.
  5. Membership cards are not interchangeable and lost cards should be reported to the School Librarian with a letter from the Police. A fee of 10,000/= will be charged in replacement for lost cards.
  6. Academic staff of the University may borrow up to 5 volumes at a time for a period of one semester.
  7. A student may borrow up to three volumes at a time for a period of between three to seven days depending on the availability of the borrowed book.

    Administrative and Technical staff of the School may borrow up to 2 volumes at a time for a period of one week.

  8. An External Borrower may borrow up to 2 volumes at any one time for a period of one week.
  9. An External Borrower may be required upon registration with the Library to pay a caution fee of $ 80 and a registration fee of $ 20.

  10. Books in Reserve section are for use for Students following a particular course of study Students should leave their Identity cards when borrowing Reserve Books.
  11. If a requested reserve book is in use, one reservation may be made on the borrowing form for the next period of loans only, and the person making this request should be at the Reserve book desk when the book is due back.

  12. Reminders about overdue books will be sent to borrowers at the week intervals for two reminders. A final letter shall be sent and a copy sent to the Warden in case of students and Library Coordinator in case of Staff.
  13. Library defaulters in the above categories will not borrower any more books from the Library until they settle their dues.
  14. A fine of 1000/= per day is payable on overdue book loans together with an administrative charge of 2000/= for every book kept beyond permitted time. After 14 days the book shall be presumed lost.
  15. Borrowers and readers should check the condition of the book before signing it out. A borrower who looses or mutilates a book will face disciplinary measures and will also be required to pay the current cost for replacement together with a non-refundable administrative fee of 10,000/= to cover the process of ordering and processing the book.
  16. Fines and charges for lost and overdue books will be paid to the Accounts Department with an authority note from the School Librarian.
  17. Fines and losses will be regarded as debts to the school and in case of non-repayment the defaulter will be liable to face the School Disciplinary Committee.
  18. All students who are not returning to the School must have a clearance form signed by the School Librarian.


  20. Silence must be observed in the library.
  21. Readers must not take bags, coats and briefcases in the library rather such things should be surrendered to the Security desk.
  22. Smoking and consumption of food and drinks are forbidden in the library.
  23. Inkbottles should not be brought in the library.
  24. Reservation of seats in the library is not allowed. The library staff will remove books and other articles used for reserving seats.
  25. Do not re-shelve books after using them.
  26. All readers leaving the library should surrender their brief cases, books and papers to the Security desk for checking.
  27. Reading between bookshelves is not allowed.
  28. A warning bell will be rung fifteen and five minutes before closing time and all readers must vacate the library before closing time.
  29. Any disorderly conduct will render the user liable to suspension from use of the library.